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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides the basis on which the information collected from users or given by users is handled by us, the Foundation for Independent Journalism, a corporation registered under the laws of India, having its registered office at 2/9-D Mehrotra apartments, Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Operating a website and a YouTube channel under the licensed domain name and trademark of

This Privacy Policy is a part and parcel of the Services Terms of Use.  The Company values the privacy of the Services customers and is committed to safeguarding it in all respects. We have devoted ourselves to protecting the privacy of the KhabarKhalifa website Viewers and YouTube channel and have made this privacy policy clear to you how KhabarKhalifa uses and divulges your information collected through the website.

The policy also stipulates the compilation, use, and sharing of information by Khabarkhalifa. We can amend, update, add, or exclude at any time, at its discretion, parts of this Policy. We encourage you to periodically revisit this Policy in order to ensure you know the current policies on privacy.

This Policy shall be defined as provided for in conformance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended and as read.

Collection of information

Your personal information or confidential personal details, which may include the name, email address, mobile/contact details, age, gender, passwords and locations, pin codes, area code, occupancy and the information you provide to the Portal, or that we may collect from within the information supplied. In the course of using our services, we collect and process some or all of the following information. The type of information we obtain depends on the conditions and the service that you use.

Type of personnel Data

Typically, the user information obtained by the Company consists of (a) user-supplied data and (b) automatically monitored information when browsing (c) data collected from any other sources. Internet Service Provider, And Other Types of Computer and Connection Related Information Relevant to Identify Your Device Type, Connect to Website, Enable Data Exchange with You And Your Device, and Ensure Convenient Use of Website;

Use of Information

The website shall be a receiver of Your Personal Information or Sensible Personal Data or Information and shall carry out reasonable business endeavors, including Sensitive Personal Data and Utilize Information, to prevent the unauthorized release of Personal Data.

For the purposes of the services provided by you or for any other marketing activities performed by or on behalf of platform entities, we authorize the use of your Personal Details or Sensitive Personal Data or Information to platform entities, joint ventures, business partners, agents or third parties.

Your Personal Information will be kept confidential to the maximum possible extent and will be used to support your relationship with Khabarkhalifa.

Email Policies

For the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, the Framework may use your Personal Details or Sensitive Personal Data or Knowledge. You have complete control of many emails you would like to obtain. If you choose not to accept these messages from Network Entities at any time you can unsubscribe.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

The Network cooperates with designated regulatory bodies or law enforcement authorities or with third parties to administer and abide by the law through an agreement of regulation. We may also reveal to governments and law enforcement agencies some details like confidential personal information and data about you, without your consent as they consider necessary or appropriate in order to respond to valid complaints and legal processes, to safeguard Platform or a third party’s properties and assets, to safeguard or prevent the safety of the public or of any individuals.

Data Security

We recognize the importance of security and privacy and want to maintain as secure as possible the experience for users with us. We also implemented appropriate protections and measures, including technological and operational controls, for the protection of your details or confidential Personal data or Details against non-compliant access, unauthorized usage, modifications, unlawful or unintentional loss, and accidental damage both on-line and offline. We also defined fair and standard practices and procedures for protection of your private or confidential sensitive data or information and enforce technological, operational and security protections and procedures.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We may update this Data Protection Policy from time to time. The continuing use of our Web site and the Products is your approval by the then existing Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, and we advise you to regularly check this website and monitor any improvements.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy, the policies of the Portal or your interactions with the Website, you can email us at or you can compose and send a letter to us at the following address:-

Khabar khalifa Office

2/9-D Mehrotra apartments flat no.-301,

Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar

Lucknow 226010

यूपी :रंगदारी नहीं देने पर व्यापारी को पीटते रहे बदमाश,कैमरे में कैद हुई तस्वीरें।

उत्तर प्रदेश में एक जूता व्यापारी पर दिन दहाड़ते कुछ बंदमाशो ने रंगदारी ना देने पर हमला कर दिया। जंहा…

जम्मू कश्मीर पुलमावा :घंण्टो चली मुठभेड़ के बाद सेना ने तीन आतंकियों को किया ढेर।

शुक्रवार की सुबह जम्मू-कश्मीर के पुलवामा में सुरक्षा बलों और आतंकियों के बीच लम्बे समय से मुठभेड़ चल रही थी। काफी…

आधा दर्जन बदमाशों ने जीटीबी अस्पताल में किया हमला,पुलिस की आँखों में मिर्च डालकर छुड़ाया साथी को।

दिल्ली के जीटीबी अस्पताल में आधा दर्जन बदमाशों ने गोलाबारी शुरू कर दी। दरअसल सूत्रों के मुताबिक पुलिस कुलदीप फज्जा…

बॉलीवुड के राजा हिंदुस्तानी भी हुए कोरोना पॉजिटिव ,खुद को घर में किया क्वारंटीन।

जहा कोरोना एक बार फि से अपना पाँव पसारता हुआ दिखाई दे रहा है। तो वही दूसरी तरफ कोरोना के…

उत्तराखंड :मुख्यमत्री तीरथ सिंह रावत के बयांन ने पकड़ी सियासत, देवभूमि में धरना प्रदर्शन के साथ फूंके गए पुतले।

उत्तराखंड नए के मुख्यमंत्री तीरथ सिंह रावत के महिलाओ के पहनावे को लेकर दिए गए विवादित बयां ने अब सियासी…

उत्तराखंड :मुख्यमंत्री तीरथ सिंह के फ़टी जींस के बयान पर जमकर हो रही आलोचना।

उत्तराखंड के मुख्यमंत्री तीरथ सिंह को अभी नया मुख्यमंत्री बने कुछ ही दिन हुए थे की अभी से उनको आलोचनाओं…

दंगल गर्ल बबीता फौगाट की ममेरी बहन ने की आत्महत्या,मुकाबले में हारने की वजह से उठाया ये कदम।

बबीता फौगाट की ममेरी ने बहन रितिका फोगाट महिला पहलवान कुश्ती के फाइनल मुकाबले में हार का सदमा बर्दाश्त नहीं…

बहराइच :कपड़ो की दुकान में लगी भयानक आग ,लाखो का मॉल हुआ जलकर राख।

बहराइच शहर के मुख्य बाजार में स्थित कपड़े की दुकान में अचानक आग लग गयी जिसकी वजह से लाखों का…

अन्धविश्वाश की घिनौनी दुनिया ,13 साल के बच्चे से की शादी और हो गयी बिधवा।

तकनीकियों की इस दुनिया अन्धविश्वाश की कुछ ऐसी घटनाये सामने सामने आ जाती ही जिसे सुनकर लोग चौक जाते है,…

भाजपा नेता दिलीप गाँधी का कोरोना की वजह से हुआ निधन,कई अन्य बीमारियों का भी चल रहा था इलाज।

कोरोना के बढ़ते मामले को देखते हुए जहा सरकार कई दिशा निर्देश लागू किये जा रही है तो वही ऐसी…